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Exploration of a thematic extension of the ERAWATCH Base-load Research Inventory

The specific objective of this programme is the development of a suitable design and method for expanding the ERAWATCH base-load Research Inventory with regard to thematic R&D policies and initiatives. The exploration contributed to test and develop a method in order for the base-load to display information on thematic R&D policies. – collecting information and putting it in templates. Each country filled in the templates and identified the main encountered problems. Two syntheses were produced respectively on energy policies and on nanotechnologies policies. These syntheses helped to provide a method for producing transversal analysis amongst countries. A final report presented the proposed design and method for collecting national information on specific thematic fields.


Completed project (07/2006-06/2007)


European Commission, Joint Research Centers, Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS)


  • Technopolis, FR;
  • Fraunhofer ISI, DE
  • CASE, PL;
  • ECO Energy, IL