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AmI@Life – Roadmapping Ambient Intelligence in Everyday Life

The concept of Ambient Intelligence (AmI) provides a vision of the Information Society where the emphasis is on user-friendliness, efficient and distributed services support, user-empowerment, and support for human interactions. People are surrounded by intelligent intuitive interfaces that are embedded in all kinds of objects and an environment that is capable of recognizing and responding to the presence of different individuals in a seamless, unobtrusive and often invisible way. This vision of AmI places the user at the centre of future development. Technologies will be designed for people rather than making people adapt to technologies.

The objective of this roadmapping project was to understand how different Ambient Intelligence technologies might affect digital divides and to depict scenarios that enable us to think about them in a dynamic, flexible and prospective way. It was therefore not the aim to provide concrete solutions to digital divide problems. It was neither only about technologies that are user-friendly. The project rather raised the potential of full IST integration in our everyday lives, taking into account the key socio-cultural, economical and technological issues affecting trusted and universal access to AmI@Life.


Completed project (2002-2003)


  • 5th Framework Programme
  • European Commission, Institute for Prospective Technology Studies (IPTS)
  • European Science and Technology Obersatory (ESTO)


  • TNO-STB, Delft, NL
  • VTT Electronics, VTT Building and Transport, Oulu, FIN
  • Fondazione Rosselli, Milan, IT
  • ENEA, Rome, IT


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