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CPDP Panel des Forum Privatheit zu “Conversational Agents”

Das Forum Privatheit und selbstbestimmtes Leben in der digitalen Welt hat bei der jährlichen Konferenz “Computer, Privacy and Data Protection” (CPDP 2017) eine Paneldiskussion zum Thema “CONVERSATIONAL AGENTS: A THREAT TO PRIVACY?” organisiert.

Vortragende waren Hamza Harkous, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (CH), Ewa Luger, Design Informatics Group, University of Edinburgh (UK), Astrid Rosenthal-van der Pütten, University of Duisburg-Essen (DE), Michael Schlüter, GfK (UK), Moderator:  Max Braun, University of Hohenheim (DE)


“Seven types of Privacy” discussed at CPDP 2017

At this year’s Conference “Computers, Privacy and Data Protection” (CPDP 2017), I discussed typologies of privacy in a panel organised by Bart-Japp Koops.

Revisited work done in the PRESCIENT project some time ago and made clear that typologies are not an end in themselves but are useful instruments to structure the thinking about social phenomena and therefore need to be updated regularly.

VideoPresentation slides (2017) and Original Paper authored together with Rachel Finn and David Wright (2013)