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Study on the Trends in European Public and Private Investments in ICT R&D and on the Globalisation of R&D and the Competitiveness of the European Innovation System in ICT (REDICT)

The study contributes to the growing debate around key points of European ICT policy-making among which:

  • Which are the main policies and instruments used by the member states to attract foreign and retain domestic R&D activities in ICT industries?
  • Which of those policies and instruments resulted in a visible improvement of the capacity of national innovative systems to benefit from the development of global research networks?
  • How are the European resources in ICT R&D distributed and what are the main factors shaping the European profile in this respect?

The study aims at deepening the existing understanding of the R&D capacities building processes in ICT sectors, and on the relative competitive advantage for the location of these capacities at the regional, national and European levels. The study provides a significant basis for the ongoing and future discussions about the economic impact of the ICT sector both within the political debate in the different EU countries and on the level of EU politics itself.

As a part of the implementation of the Lisbon policy goals, and given the particular role of the ICT industries in the wider context of globalisation of R&D activities, DG INFSO expressed a need for a documented overview of the developments of R&D in ICT in the 25 EU member states and in Europe as a whole. At present, no systematic survey exists with regard to R&D in ICT investments. The study aims at contribution to these open questions.


Finished project (12/2005 – 12/2007)


European Commission, Joint Research Centers, Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS)


  • Fraunhofer ISI (co-ordinator)
  • ARC system research GmbH, AT
  • Hungarian Academy of Sciences IE/HAS, HU
  • TNO Innovation Policy Group, NL



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