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Economic and social Impact of software and software based services

While many efforts have been made in recent years to measure the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) industry in its usage and its economic and social contribution at the national or European level, little light has been shed on the software industry in itself. This is surprising considering the fact that software and software based services are key enablers for growth and employment. As part of the possible definition of an European Software Strategy that aims at supporting the competitiveness of European software and software based services industry the Directorate-General Information Society and Media of the European Commission has launched this study.


The objectives were

  • Evaluate the potential economic and social contribution of the EU Software and Software-based Services (SSBS) industry in Europe in the context of the emerging Internet of Services (IoS),
  • Identify the elements that are determinant for its growth and competitiveness and the main market trends,
  • Identify current barriers to the competitiveness of the EU SSBS in the context of the IoS and actions needed to remove those barriers,
  • Assess the economic and social impact of the EU SSBS industry in the context of the IoS in Europe of different policy actions to improve its competitiveness
  • Provide policy recommendations to foster market and business development at European level.


Finished (April 2009 – Juli 2010)


European Commission DG Information Society and Media


  • Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC), France
  • IDATE, France
  • London Economics, Great Britain


Official Deliverables


  • Leimbach, Timo, and Michael Friedewald, “Assessing National Policies to Support Software in Europe”, Info: The journal of policy, regulation and strategy, Vol. 12, No. 6, 2010, pp. 40 – 55.
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