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2 neue Studien zur Sicherheit in “Smart Cities” im Auftrag von ENISA

Lévy-Bencheton, Cédric, Eleni Darra, Daniel Bachlechner, Michael Friedewald, Timothy Mitchener-Nissen, Monica Lagazio, and Antonio Kung, Cyber security for Smart Cities: An architecture model for public transport, European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA), Heraklion, 2015.

The main objective of this study is to model the architecture of the transport sector in SCs and to describe good cyber security practices of IPT operators. The good practices are put into a relationship with different city maturity levels. This allows representatives of operators and municipalities to quickly assess whether or not they lag behind other cities with the same maturity level in terms of cyber security and, if so, to take appropriate actions. The study is primarily focused on the provision of practical, hands-on guidance.

Lévy-Bencheton, Cédric, Eleni Darra, Timothy Mitchener-Nissen, Monica Lagazio, Daniel Bachlechner, Michael Friedewald, and Antonio Kung, Cyber Security and Resilience of Intelligent Public Transport: Good practices and recommendations, European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA), Heraklion, 2015.

This study proposes a pragmatic approach that will highlight the critical assets of Intelligent Public Transport systems. It gives an overview of the existing security measures (good practices) that could be deployed to protect these critical assets and ensure security of the IPT system, based on a survey and interviews of experts from the sector, municipalities, operators, manufacturers and policy makers.

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